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French government to boost access to high quality generic medicines

Data publikacji: 31.03.2015 Źródło: EGA
Data dokumentu źródłowego: 31.03.2015 Rodzaj wiadomości: Komunikaty

The European Generic and Biosimilar medicines Association (EGA) welcomes the new French national action plan to promote generic medicines presented by the French Ministry of Health last week. This plan is essential to generate higher generic medicine…


Europe to boost international cooperation on generics

Data publikacji: 19.01.2015 Źródło: EMA
Data dokumentu źródłowego: 15.01.2015 Rodzaj wiadomości: Komunikaty

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) is ready to share its assessments of applications for generic medicines in real time with collaborating regulatory agencies outside the European Union (EU). This initiative aims to facilitate the timely authorisation…


EFPIA Responds to Commission’s 5th Report on the Monitoring of Patent Settlements with a Proposal for Increased Transparency of Key Medicines Patents to Facilitate Early Resolution of Patent Disputes

Data publikacji: 08.12.2014 Źródło: EFPIA
Data dokumentu źródłowego: 08.12.2014 Rodzaj wiadomości: Komunikaty

The 5th monitoring report of patent settlements released by DG Competition on 5 December 2014 notes a continued increase in the number of patent settlement agreements involving a larger number of disputed products but a stabilization at low level of…